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Yoxi is a creative sandbox
for social innovation.

With the support and resources of TTSL, our parent organization, we play with new models of work, engagement, and entrepreneurialism. We partner with extraordinary leaders who create positive social impact via innovative market solutions. Through inquisitive creative explorations, we empower dreamers to break rules, think differently, and change entrenched systems.


The best way to create a better future is to invest in people who have the potential to change the world.


Our Rockstars


Social Innovation Rockstars are an emerging class of leaders motivated by a powerful blend of social mission and creativity. They identify inefficiencies and inequalities in our world that desperately need creative attention, and address those shortfalls with new, human-centered structures and solutions.

The term Social Innovation Rockstar speaks to a kinship based on common DNA. It is not a credential or authoritative status — the culture is already here. It’s an intuitive sense of community and shared purpose, and the mutual recognition of like-minded collaborators.

Social Innovation Rockstars are the R&D department of our global society. Like talented musicians who excel with the help of producers, these creative leaders can turn profoundly brilliant ideas into positive change if matched with the right resources and network.

This is what interests us.
Innovation Alchemy
Alchemy is the right-brain cousin of strategy. True innovation doesn’t follow a roadmap. Instead, it comes from a healthy blend of diversity, creativity and experimentation. We create conditions that enable people to find the magic essential to powerful collaborations.
Enlightened Leadership
Leadership isn’t a status. It’s a dynamic relationship to create forward-moving momentum for people with shared purpose. We work with enlightened leaders to facilitate honest and insightful conversations so our values are aligned before we embark on difficult journeys together.
Smart Resources
Big breakthroughs often spring from collaborations not bound to conventional role definitions and resource constraints. Entrepreneurs and investors must sit on the same side of the table to think creatively beyond financial transactions.
Good Stories
Positive change needs the fertilizer of a good story. We have developed a great set of tools to uncover and package the stories within and around us. In sharing those stories, we build relationships that become more important and fruitful than the story itself.
Public Engagement
We engage the public to create enthusiasm for the possibilities of social innovation. The more we expose people to the origins and effects of positive change, the more we feed a culture that gives license to new ideas and fearlessly seeks new frontiers.

We build relationships through explorations. We invite social innovators on a journey of discovery to explore new ways of supporting their work. To provoke the collective intelligence of our community, we spend more time framing questions than finding answers. This journey is a series of hypotheses and experiments that challenge existing beliefs and forge new paths forward.


What if we could ignite a mainstream following on social innovation by building a competition platform to create, consume and exchange bite-size ideas?


Wisdom of the Crowd

We wanted to create a public conversation about social issues that affect us all. As individuals, we may not feel like we can personally address these issues, but the majority of people have a perspective on how to solve the problems that touch their lives. We brought together a community of passionate individuals to tap into that ‘what if…’ desire for change and turn it into tangible projects. Our first step was to build an online, video-based platform for small teams to share their insights and solutions to the challenges we framed. We rallied a tribe of interest around working together to make the world a better place.


What if we could borrow from the talent management industry and create the CAA for social innovators?


Talent Management

Great talent needs support. The more focused the support, the greater the capacity for breakthroughs. Social entrepreneurs may seek resources and endorsements from incubators, accelerators, or investment advisors, but we believe they need a new support model that focuses deeply on the individual and his or her unique potential. Much like the relationship between a musician and his/her manager, the trust between an athlete and his/her coach, a more intimate and personalized partnership will reach deeper dimensions not touched by existing models. We build these close partnerships to incorporate trust, mutual learning, and value alignment for the greatest possible impact.

Partnering with Chid Liberty


Chid Liberty is the Founder and CEO of Liberty & Justice. Before founding L&J, Chid was a successful serial entrepreneur in music, finance, and technology. He pioneered the Future Factory model in Liberia to eradicate poverty through social investment.

Liberty & Justice develops local African factories and connects them with international retailers and individual consumers. These factories produce fair-trade apparel for American and European retailers, replacing a culture of sweatshops with a culture of sweat equity, and moving the industry from “the race to the bottom” to “the race to the top”.

Since 2011, Yoxi has partnered with Chid to pursue various project opportunities to increase both the social impact and cultural influence of Liberty & Justice.

“Over the past two years, Yoxi has become an integral part of L&J's core team. Despite limits to the resources we can invest in marketing and communication strategy, through this partnership we've gained high-level strategic advice and support in executing some remarkable projects from a dream team of well-connected and extremely talented creatives and business people. Sharon seamlessly shifts between executive coach, brand strategist, investor, and partner, bringing the weight of her credibility to foster trust in each role." – Chid Liberty


What if there is a home for fearless and unorthodox voices in social innovation?


Alternative Culture

Social innovation can sometimes seem overly idealistic, and many well-intentioned organizations exist to help trim that idealism into measurable impact. But we believe that the drive of social entrepreneurs springs from a very bold instinct that should be celebrated — this is the vanguard of the creative class, who are personally driven to make positive change. We created BOLD, a daily blog, to examine alternative perspectives on social innovation. BOLD is not worried about unintended consequences. We explore the intersection between passion and value, and encourage a healthy dose of controversy to spark meaningful debate.


What if the art of filmmaking can be translated into a set of tools to develop social fiction, creating specific language and tangible visuals to invoke future impact?


Impact Visualization

We tap into undiscovered potential to help social innovators think bigger. Our Impact Visualization Workshop uncovers new dimensions of their work with innovation alchemy: working with creative leaders to create narratives that are tangible, detailed envisionings of an impact-rich future. We surround participants with expert creatives such as screenwriters, creative directors, strategists, and designers — cross-discipline teams assembled for each innovator to create impact narratives and ensure the most fruitful output. What makes this process unique is the level of tangibility we achieve during these guided explorations. We help to craft meaningful details of the ‘what’ before anyone starts to spend energy and resources on mapping out the ‘how’. This may sound simple, but such simplicity brings profound clarity and creative confidence to any mission.

Sharon Chang Founder

Sharon Chang is globally recognized as a visionary who, throughout her career, has been a catalyst of social innovation, a creator of groundbreaking entertainment, an advocate for generative lifestyle, a leader in creative education, a philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor in transformational ideas and technologies.

Sharon is a Future Architect. With a diverse range of building blocks, she envisions a blueprint for how we can all experience and manifest positive change in the world. Boldly questioning narratives that shape our culture, she reimagines systems that power our everyday activities – the way we eat, shop, travel, learn, work, think, dream – today and tomorrow. From a film that inspires gender equality to a fashion brand that drives conscious consumption, all her projects challenge the status quo and delve into life-changing subjects with a gentle touch of optimism.

She founded Yoxi to explore the nexus of capital, creativity and impact. Her approach to funding is artistic – focusing on questions rather than answers, intention rather than outcome. She has jokingly said that she only invests in people who are likely to fail because their dreams are too audacious. Yet in all seriousness, without blindly celebrating failure, Sharon is one of the very few people deeply committed to investing in creativity that might have latent yet profound effects on humanity.

With a passport as thick as the September Vogue, Sharon is a true global citizen addicted to tracking down the most spectacular dining experiences around the world. She makes the perfect (and most unusual) martini, loves the challenge of making the impossible possible — and seems to believe the two are related.

Kaz Brecher Executive Director

Kaz is an innovation strategist and practitioner, a human-centered design thinker, and a complex systems problem-solver. She is a consultant of opportunity, working across sectors, going broad and deep, and connecting diverse networks of high-caliber thinkers and doers to catalyze systems change.  As the daughter of two rocket scientists, Kaz founded Curious Catalyst to marry investigation with action, bringing an agile take to the business of social impact. Often called a professional outsider, Kaz brings to Yoxi her ability to recognize patterns and blind spots.

After years working with emerging technology platforms and solving larger cross-disciplinary problems in the digital agency space, Kaz earned her stripes in the start-up world, leading strategy and operations for early social media innovators and then an open-source cloud computing powerhouse focused on the developing world. With a background across media platforms, Kaz brings a unique creative perspective to her innovation work, combining film, print, broadcast, branding and transmedia storytelling. 

Kaz is a Stanford graduate, Challenge Faculty at and a fellow of THNK School of Creative Leadership, and a Certified Scrum Master. In addition to her work with Yoxi, Kaz continues to support industry leaders from Mattel to Disney, institutions like the Smithsonian, entrepreneurs, and non-profits through designing and facilitating capacity building experiences and human-centered design collaboration.  She believes empathy is the only literacy that matters and loves cultivating this through experiencing other cultures around the globe – from spending time as a chief on a Fijian island to decamping to the Tuscan hill towns.

Randy Makiej Advisor

Randy spent six years at Yoxi running mission-driven creative projects. In 2017 he changed his role from Partner to Advisor in order to create more flexibility in his life. Through his career he has pursued novel and intriguing projects and enjoys exploring new approaches, building exceptional teams, and applying appropriate technologies to solve complex problems. 

Before joining Yoxi, he worked in the entertainment and media industries creating experiences for top brands such as 19 Entertainment, HBO, Blue Man Group, Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Microsoft, and Dewars, to name a few.

Seeing major changes taking roots around the world, he is deeply passionate about applying his skills beyond simple entertainment. He is curious about how technology can and should be harnessed to create a more sustainable planet as he loves the beauty of nature that surrounds us and wants to help preserve it. 

Randy believes that we are overlooking the bounty before our eyes and taking our resources for granted. Fascinated by sustainable energy, he is committed to reuse and recycling, and knows that enlightened intelligence is the only way we can work together to create a more verdant world. If you want to know more about how he leads by example, ask his beloved Boxer, Bunker the Woogish.

Our Extended Network


We work with amazing people from amazing organizations. These are our friends who have supported us by lending their passion, expertise and resources to our ongoing efforts.


Whether you are a social entrepreneur, impact investor, or creative professional, we would love to meet you. As we experiment with new models and scale our programs with like-minded collaborators, we invite you to join our effort in making positive change with social innovation.

"Changing the world should be fun. When seriousness is embedded in entertainment, and complexity is hidden behind an elegant layer of simplicity, we create intrinsic motivation for people to do good in more creative ways. Yoxi is about creativity and collaboration in the deepest sense we can imagine."
"Yoxi’s lofty mission 'elevates social entrepreneurs by leveraging their expertise for shared value business opportunities.' In plain English: it makes good cool."
"Yoxi’s larger goal is to bring social good into mainstream conversation."
"Pop culture is driven by superficial qualities, and Chang says she would rather exploit those qualities for a good purpose than wait around for people to change. 'We live in a society where people are obsessed with vanity, with fame, with celebrity…it would be more useful for us not to try and fight that’ she says."
"The idea to pick a problem and solve it in a way that brings in the most creative ideas from the widest possible audience is born from Chang’s feeling that the ‘only way to truly solve problems fundamentally is to stimulate a higher level of creativity."
"People also typically have an ‘us versus them’ attitude in regards to companies and social entrepreneurs. We’re changing the game because we believe in deep collaboration between social entrepreneurs and brands. Business challenges are seen as great opportunities to create Shared Value."
"Shared value isn’t about reacting to social issues that have immediate effects on quarterly goals, but rather a long-term philosophy that re-evaluates fundamental business principles."

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