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This is what interests us.
Innovation Alchemy
Alchemy is the right-brain cousin of strategy. True innovation doesn’t follow a roadmap. Instead, it comes from a healthy blend of diversity, creativity and experimentation. We create conditions that enable people to find the magic essential to powerful collaborations.
Enlightened Leadership
Leadership isn’t a status. It’s a dynamic relationship to create forward-moving momentum for people with shared purpose. We work with enlightened leaders to facilitate honest and insightful conversations so our values are aligned before we embark on difficult journeys together.
Smart Resources
Big breakthroughs often spring from collaborations not bound to conventional role definitions and resource constraints. Entrepreneurs and investors must sit on the same side of the table to think creatively beyond financial transactions.
Good Stories
Positive change needs the fertilizer of a good story. We have developed a great set of tools to uncover and package the stories within and around us. In sharing those stories, we build relationships that become more important and fruitful than the story itself.
Public Engagement
We engage the public to create enthusiasm for the possibilities of social innovation. The more we expose people to the origins and effects of positive change, the more we feed a culture that gives license to new ideas and fearlessly seeks new frontiers.