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Sharon Chang

Sharon Chang Founder

Sharon is a media executive, brand strategist, innovation consultant, social entrepreneur, impact investor, and philanthropist. She has jokingly said that she only invests in people who are likely to fail because their dreams are too audacious. Yet in all seriousness, without blindly celebrating failure, Sharon is one of the very few people deeply committed to investing in creativity that might have latent yet profound effects on humanity.

Trained as a designer and architect, Sharon applies an urban planning philosophy to everything she does. Before founding Yoxi, Sharon had a brilliant career in media and design. She was the Chief Creative Officer of 19 Entertainment, the company behind popular TV shows American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. Prior to her tenure at 19, she worked as a brand strategist and creative director, and was one of the most sought-after innovation leaders in the design and digital marketing industry.

In addition to her work at Yoxi, Sharon is a Partner at THNK School of Creative Leadership, serves on the Board of Trustees of New York University, and is co-founder and board member of a number of non-profit organizations, technology startups, and social ventures.

With a passport as thick as the September Vogue, Sharon is a true global citizen addicted to tracking down the most spectacular dining experiences around the world. She makes the perfect (and most unusual) martini, loves the challenge of making the impossible possible — and seems to believe the two are related.