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"Changing the world should be fun. When seriousness is embedded in entertainment, and complexity is hidden behind an elegant layer of simplicity, we create intrinsic motivation for people to do good in more creative ways. Yoxi is about creativity and collaboration in the deepest sense we can imagine."
"Yoxi’s lofty mission 'elevates social entrepreneurs by leveraging their expertise for shared value business opportunities.' In plain English: it makes good cool."
"Yoxi’s larger goal is to bring social good into mainstream conversation."
"Pop culture is driven by superficial qualities, and Chang says she would rather exploit those qualities for a good purpose than wait around for people to change. 'We live in a society where people are obsessed with vanity, with fame, with celebrity…it would be more useful for us not to try and fight that’ she says."
"The idea to pick a problem and solve it in a way that brings in the most creative ideas from the widest possible audience is born from Chang’s feeling that the ‘only way to truly solve problems fundamentally is to stimulate a higher level of creativity."
"People also typically have an ‘us versus them’ attitude in regards to companies and social entrepreneurs. We’re changing the game because we believe in deep collaboration between social entrepreneurs and brands. Business challenges are seen as great opportunities to create Shared Value."
"Shared value isn’t about reacting to social issues that have immediate effects on quarterly goals, but rather a long-term philosophy that re-evaluates fundamental business principles."