How might we uncover prosperous paths to a beautiful future?

At Yoxi, we don’t presume to know, especially as the rapid pace of global change intensifies and interconnected systems become more complex. But we are driven by a passion for mastering the art of asking better questions in order to create better solutions. And, with the support and resources of TTSL, our parent organization, we employ a variety of tools to conduct our experiments around creating positive social impact via innovative market solutions. We see our investments in extraordinary leaders as humble yet heroic, arriving at a critical moment in time, and right-sized for what’s needed to deepen and extend meaningful inquiry.

We invite people into our process who bring unlike minds with like hearts, a passion for pattern recognition, and a curiosity across industries and disciplines. Like the Mars Rover, Yoxi is designed to probe. Our mission is to celebrate exploration itself, because we believe that inspiration can come from anywhere, and impact demands a long view. As a media-savvy organization, we synthesize our learnings into compelling narratives that link the explorers we support across the ecosystems they operate in. As these stories unfold, a beautiful future is revealed through our deep commitment to embracing the unknowns in humanity.

In short, Yoxi is a social innovation prober. We make humble and heroic investments that arrive when the art of questioning is mission-critical to creating real impact.

Who is behind Yoxi and its mission?

How do we find the most exotic ice cream flavors without losing Kazoo?

Sharon Chang, Founder

Sharon Chang is globally recognized as a visionary who, throughout her career, has been a catalyst of social innovation, a creator of groundbreaking entertainment, an advocate for generative lifestyle, a leader in creative education, a philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor in transformational ideas and technologies. 

Sharon is a Future Architect. With a diverse range of building blocks, she envisions a blueprint for how we can all experience and manifest positive change in the world. Boldly questioning narratives that shape our culture, she reimagines systems that power our everyday activities – the way we eat, shop, travel, learn, work, think, dream – today and tomorrow. From a film that inspires gender equality to a fashion brand that drives conscious consumption, all her projects challenge the status quo and delve into life-changing subjects with a gentle touch of optimism. She founded Yoxi to explore the nexus of capital, creativity and impact. Her approach to funding is artistic – focusing on questions rather than answers, intention rather than outcome. She has jokingly said that she only invests in people who are likely to fail because their dreams are too audacious. Yet in all seriousness, without blindly celebrating failure, Sharon is one of the very few people deeply committed to investing in creativity that might have latent yet profound effects on humanity. 

With a passport as thick as the September Vogue, Sharon is a true global citizen addicted to tracking down the most spectacular dining experiences around the world. She makes the perfect (and most unusual) martini, loves the challenge of making the impossible possible — and seems to believe the two are related.

To eradicate food deserts, should we be examining economic opportunities and participation instead of complex urban and community systems?

Kaz Brecher, Executive Director

Kaz is an innovation strategist and practitioner, a human-centered design thinker, and a complex systems problem-solver. She is a consultant of opportunity, working across sectors, going broad and deep, and connecting diverse networks of high-caliber thinkers and doers to catalyze systems change. As the daughter of two rocket scientists, Kaz founded Curious Catalyst to marry investigation with action, bringing an agile take to the business of social impact. Often called a professional outsider, Kaz brings to Yoxi her ability to recognize patterns and blind spots.

After years working with emerging technology platforms and solving larger cross-disciplinary problems in the digital agency space, Kaz earned her stripes in the start-up world, leading strategy and operations for early social media innovators and then an open-source cloud computing powerhouse focused on the developing world. With a background across media platforms, Kaz brings a unique creative perspective to her innovation work, combining film, print, broadcast, branding and transmedia storytelling.

Kaz is a Stanford graduate, Challenge Faculty at and a fellow of THNK School of Creative Leadership, and a Certified Scrum Master. In addition to her work with Yoxi, Kaz continues to support industry leaders from Mattel to Disney, institutions like the Smithsonian, entrepreneurs, and non-profits through designing and facilitating capacity building experiences and human-centered design collaboration. She believes empathy is the only literacy that matters and loves cultivating this through experiencing other cultures around the globe – from spending time as a chief on a Fijian island to decamping to the Tuscan hill towns.

How can we stop talking about ice cream and space elevator?

Randy Makiej, Advisor

Randy spent six years at Yoxi running mission-driven creative projects. In 2017 he changed his role from Partner to Advisor in order to create more flexibility in his life. Through his career he has pursued novel and intriguing projects and enjoys exploring new approaches, building exceptional teams, and applying appropriate technologies to solve complex problems. Before joining Yoxi, he worked in the entertainment and media industries creating experiences for top brands such as 19 Entertainment, HBO, Blue Man Group, Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Microsoft, and Dewars, to name a few.

Seeing major changes taking roots around the world, he is deeply passionate about applying his skills beyond simple entertainment. He is curious about how technology can and should be harnessed to create a more sustainable planet as he loves the beauty of nature that surrounds us and wants to help preserve it.

Randy believes that we are overlooking the bounty before our eyes and taking our resources for granted. Fascinated by sustainable energy, he is committed to reuse and recycling, and knows that enlightened intelligence is the only way we can work together to create a more verdant world. If you want to know more about how he leads by example, ask his beloved Boxer, Bunker the Woogish.

How has Yoxi evolved and what efforts has it supported?

We invest in journeys of the unknown, support explorers with a commitment to pursue truth and beauty, and conduct experiments of our own. We believe learning is the most valuable ROI - and we are open and honest about our findings. Dig in below!


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  • Yoxi was born in NYC on Summer Solstice

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